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About Us

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Kendall Claxton


Detroit native, who has affectionately called DC home since 2010.  She has a love for people and love of all things health. Her motto is “it’s an us thing!”
As we conquer health goals together! 

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Image by Vino Li


Infinitely Natural exists to take everything that was good and perfect in the Garden that God created, and transform it into nurturing and delicious juices and smoothies. When you eat good, you feel good. When you feel good, you look good. We desire to be a part of that total health journey. 

Our Founder Kendall Arin worked in the food industry (specifically a juice and smoothie bar) for 3 years during her undergraduate career. She was known for her own smoothie creations that classmates or coworkers would often comment on. The idea of creating her own company always lingered in her head. However, it wasn’t until the moment when she was creating juices with her niece, and this innocent 4 year old (at the time) said “auntie you create the best juices ever, if you work hard you can make alot of money!” And while money is far from the mission of IN, the faith of her niece birthed the courage to launch the business. The heart of Infinitely Natural is to serve and create a world of change around us. When you support infinitely Natural you are directly supporting a young Kenyan Child through Compassionate International. As a new company we’ve had the privilege to serve the DMV, Detroit, Los Angeles, and Alaska areas! We hope to expand across the nation, aiding one health goal at a time. 

About Us
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